Mini Spore Strips (2 mm x 10 mm) will fit into small areas of a device where a standard-sized (6 mm x 30 mm) spore strip cannot be used, such as within a syringe barrel, inside tubing or under a cap. Mini spore strips are packaged in shelf packs of 100 strips.

These products are labelled with a 24 or 30 month shelf-life from the date of manufacture. Store strips under room temperature conditions (15 – 30º C). Each pack is accompanied by a certificate of analysis. Spore strips are certified for population, purity, and resistance (D-value, Z-value, survival and kill where applicable). Rodwell mini strips are compliant with ANSI/AAMI/ISO/EN 11138 series of standards and USP where applicable.

For availability and lead times of population levels other than 106, please inquire.

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