Rodwell Bayne is one of the market leaders in the development, design and installation of custom-built air conditioning systems to a wide range of commmercial sectors.

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Rodwell HTB, one of the country’s most respected innovators within their industry, develop and construct media feeding systems for a wide range of printing companies.

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Rodwell Powell are a leader within their industry. They work hard with aerospace pioneers to develop and build complex parts for a wide range of aircraft.

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Rodwell Precision Engineering is well known for the quality of their work and attention to detail; they provide engineering services to a large number of leading companies.

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Rodwell Scientific Instruments are well renowned, throughout their sector, for providing reliable, quality-assured and durable Autoclaves to a large number of multinational companies.

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Rodwell Group Services provide administrative services to all of our companies and they are responsible for the maintainance of our diverse and ever-growing property portfolio.

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