About the Dwell Pro 280

Introducing the all new Rodwell Dwell Pro 280 Composite Autoclave – a game changer for efficient composite processing…

Key features & Options

  • Exceptionally Competitively Price
  • Externally Lagged 316 Stainless Steel Chamber for maximum space & highest thermal efficiency
  • Thermal Mass Stability, derived from scientific control essential for delicate tooling
  • Simple Plug & Play Design
  • Smartlog’C’ Cycle Data E-Logging
  • Easy to use iPT
    • intelligent Process Touchscreen Control
  • Suitable for small to medium size facilities as a workhorse autoclave and large organisations for efficient processing of smaller items
  • Simple yet effective design & bolt closure.
  • Established After Sales Care Network
  • Continuous Vacuum for assured Consolidation with 4 ports all alarmed for any Vac Leak
  • Simple Reliable Bolt Closure System
  • Chamber & Load sensors for accurate process control & cross-referencing
  • Completely programmable temperature, pressure & dwell with 5 possible memory sets
  • Program Interrupt Possible
  • Caster Mounted for ease of positioning, installation and portability
  • Vacuum Leak Alarm

More information and Technical Specs