Rodwell Engineering Group Limited is committed to ensuring our services are as accessible as possible to the whole of the community that we serve. In particular, we recognise the need to take reasonable steps to enable access to our website for those with impaired sight or other disabilities.

Work on making this site more accessible has been influenced by the Guidelines set by the UK Government for websites under the Disability Discrimination Act 2004, which incorporate support for the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Where possible, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to separate visual formatting from structural markup. All pages on this site will render in usable form on a wide range of browsers and, if necessary, should be viewable in a very basic form on browsers which do not recognise CSS or where CSS has been switched off. The site currently conforms to W3C WCAG Bobby AAA compliance standards. This site also complies with Section 508 recommendations for accessible web browsing.

During the construction of this site we have tested the system extensively using a wide range of current and legacy browsers as well as text based services such as the Lynx ‘text only’ browser and IBM’s Home Page Reader, this means that speech-synthesis software and other devices which rely on the text content such as reading and braille browsers should be able to access the data contained within this site.